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Center of Living Light™ Reiki






Dear Community members:


We would like to remind you that the Center of Living Light is a non-profit (501C-3) organization. We encourage you to consider the Center as you would any other of your favorite charities – either for year end donations or for any special occasion – to commemorate special events like birthdays and anniversaries, or in memory of friends and family.


Donations to the Center help support our outreach programs – including the website and our clinics. To date, 20,000 people from as far away as Singapore, Spain, and Australia learned about Reiki, found a free circle, requested distant healing, or found a Reiki Master with whom to study.  Our Online Distant Healing box has received thousands of requests for Reiki to help people facing a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.  


Donations also support the Ministry program which allows Reiki Masters to offer Reiki in environments that do not traditionally recognize Reiki as a legitimate healing and spiritual modality.


We are looking to build a scholarship program for Reiki students and help offset the costs borne by individual Reiki Masters for flier reproduction and administrative costs related to Circles and Clinics.


Thank you for being a part of our community. Our mission to spread Reiki would be impossible without you. We look forward to a New Year of Reiki, sharing, healing and learning.


Best wishes from our family to you and yours,


Beth Savoca-Ditman, Manager



Acknowledgement cards will happily be sent for honorarium donations (donations in memory of or on behalf of other individuals). Make sure to include the full name and the address that you wish notification to be sent.


For more information please contact

via phone at 631-730-5532