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Distant Healing

Distant Healing is sending energy to a person, place or thing that is facing a physical, spiritual or emotional challenge.  Like praying for someone, Reiki Practitioners can send Reiki energy to help overcome these challenges, regardless of where that challenge may be happening.

The Center of Living Light Reiki practices the Traditional Usui Method.  The systematized hand positions used for treatments were created by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, and is an essential defining characteristic of how we practice.  The Symbols we use are physically handed down from Master to Student through the Attunement process.  Elevation to Practitioner is only done in class and in person. However, Distant Healing is a skill which Practitioners learn as part of Reiki 2 and perform as the need arises.  

At a Community Circle, we encourage people to fill out Distant Healing requests that are placed in a box. One of the Practitioners attending the circle will then spend time sending Distant Healing to the people and situations in the box.  From illness to dealing with a difficult boss to world events like the Tsunamis, the energy is sent wherever there is a need for healing and peace.

On the Internet, we encourage you to send us your healing requests and we will be happy to send Distant Healing to anyone currently facing a challenge.  Please send a Healing Request e-mail with the name of the person, gender, age, physical location and what challenge they are facing to  You will receive a confirmation that your e-mail has been received.  All Requests for Distant Healing will be kept confidential.  

Please send us a separate e-mail if you would like information about Center of Living Light Community Circles or our Classes.  All requests for information will be handled promptly by


The Reiki Healing Chain - Finding new ways to help

There is a unique opportunity for Living Light Reiki Practitioners to channel Reiki via the internet. There is strength in numbers - the more people sending Distant Healing, the better. Because of this, we are creating a special group of Living Light Reiki II, AP and Reiki Masters who are willing to send Distant Healing on an emergency basis. As with any Reiki session, sending distant healing gives you a Reiki session as well. It’s a great way to participate in the community – especially if it is difficult for you to make it to the circles. Practice unconditional, non-judgmental love as you offer Reiki to a variety of things that trouble people’s hearts and minds.

Many Practitioners receive non-confidential requests for healing. These requests come from the community and from people that are familiar with our personal association to Reiki.  They are similar to healing slips, but usually deal with people facing immediate and/or specific physical, spiritual or emotional challenges – i.e. a surgery, a cancer test, death of a loved one etc. Responding to disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami would also be included in this type of request.   Many Reiki Masters have e-mail lists that they use when they receive a request. Our goal is to create one giant list of Reiki Practitioners to send Distant Healing on request.

How it works

The Distant Healing Chain will send out the request for Reiki to the volunteer team. When you sign up for the Distant Healing Chain, you will begin receiving distant healing requests from the Center of Living Light.  When they arrive, simply open them and perform Distant Healing as you would for a healing box or slip. Some people print out the request; others simply put their hands on the computer screen. You will also be able to send a request via a special e-mail address -

Sign up TODAY!

If you are interested in serving on this important community volunteer team, please send e-mail to PLease include the name of your Reiki Master. If you have any questions, feel free to call Reiki Master Beth Savoca-Ditman at the Center of Living Light (631) 730-5532. 


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