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Transitions  On August 8th, the Center was notified of one of our NYC Practitioners had passed suddenly. Advanced Practitioner Dominick Pietrosimone (DiPietro). He joined the community only last year, but was a regular at both the NYC Monday night circle and Rivington House Clinic. He was also quick to volunteer for special events.

Although he started his Reiki journey elsewhere, he resonated with the community so much that he took Reiki 1 and 2 with Reiki Master Carmen Lariño and AP with Lenn Savoca-Ditman. He was an eager student, taking each class as soon as the settling in period was completed. We had hoped that he would be a member in one of the next NYC Reiki Master Candidate Programs.

His transition was an unexpected loss to our community. He will be missed as will his contributions to the community. Rev. Randi Ditman-Ibrahim gave a moving eulogy at the Monday night Beth Israel Circle. In addition to members of the community, several of Dominick friends were in attendance. 


Big Changes on the East End - After many years as a Thursday night staple at the Riverhead Library, Reiki Master Pete Polakiewicz and his fellow practitioners have moved on to new digs and a whole new day. Reiki Master Candidate Ellen McCabe was instrumental in finding a new home for the circle when the Library notified  On Monday August 7th, a small group of devoted practitioners and guests gathered at Grace Episcopal Church in Riverhead and inaugurated the new space. The circle will be held here every Monday of the month except the last when the Circle will be held at Peconic Bay Medical Center. Congratulations to one an all for coming up with an innovative outside the box approach to scheduling challenges!!!

Also on deck for the fall, the old Thursday night SUNY Stonybrook Circle moves to bi weekly Tuesday nights and Reiki Master Nicole Bernholc will be sharing hosting duties with Reiki Master and Center Manager Beth Savoca-Ditman. Please click here LI Circles for more details about the various circle schedules.   


Into the Boros we go - July was a busy month for  our Reiki community with Reiki being introduced into Brooklyn and Queens.

First, Reiki Master Candidate Jenn Choudry held a circle at Beth Israel Hospital on Kings Highway, Brooklyn. She was accompanied by her mother, Reiki Master Awilda Choudry and Reiki Masters Beth and Lenn Savoca Ditman. It was hosted by the Pastoral Care Department and was attended by several employees. This program brought RMC Jenn one step closer to graduation.


On  July 7th, a very special circle was held by Reiki Master Lenore Te Chajet. The Event was held at The Poppenhusen Institute, a landmark cultural and community center in College Point, Queens. Former Queens Council woman Julia Harrison introduced Lenore to this organization. The mission of the Institute is to bring life enhancing cultural, recreational, and educational programs, either free or at a nominal fee. Susan K. Brustmann, Coordinator of the Institute, invited Lenore to offer a Reiki workshop.

The Reiki Workshop was attended by twelve guests - several of whom were regular constituents of the Poppenhusen Institute. Lenore, was ably assisted by Reiki Master Candiates Magda Ramirez and Suzanne Saunders along with Practitioners Natalia Pego Martinez and Adriana Suarez. It was a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful evening. Refreshments were graciously provided by the Institute. We are grateful to Poppenhusen Institute and Susan Brustmann for providing us with the opportunity to serve the Queens community. For more information about the Institute, go to their website at



Answering the call - in response to severe cutbacks in patient services at Rivington House, it was decided by Clinic administrator Carmen Lariño to expand the free clinic to twice a month. In order to assist her with this task, she tapped Lenore to assist her with co-ordination of this urgently needed service. Congrats to Reiki Master Lenore Te Chajet on her becoming the co-facilitator of our Rivington Clinic.

Carmen and Lenore lead their practitioners up to the patient rooms and provide Reiki to those who are not able to attend the regular circle.  Practitioners, if you are a looking for a volunteer opportunity, please contact Carmen or Lenore as it is a wonderful opportunity to practice.

It is with much pride and joy that the Center of Living Light welcomes four new Reiki Masters into the world. On March 19, Lenore Te Chajet, Mira Miricic, Lea Renay, and Beth Savoca- Ditman were elevated in the Traditional Usui fashion.

They earned the attunement by completing a year long program. In addition to class attendance, they  observed the teaching of Reiki 1, 2, and AP, various assignments and a project that introduced Reiki to a new community. They studied with the NYC teaching partnership of Reiki Masters Randi Ditman-Ibrahim, Carmen Lariño, and Lenn Savoca-Ditman.

They celebrated with the rest of the community with a formal "coming out" party at the Monday night Union Square Circle at Beth Israel/ Phillips Ambulatory Care. We wish them the best of luck in all of their endeavors.  


From Left to Right:

TOP - Mira, Lea, Lenore and Beth

BOTTOM - Carmen, Lenn and Randi


The Cake

There is already a Reiki Master class under way in Long Island with Reiki Master Pete Polakiewicz  and Randi, Lenn and Carmen just got underway with seven more Reiki Master Candidates. Another group of Reiki Master candidates will be beginning their journey with Reiki Master Ascension Hernandez. Look for all these students at your nearest Reiki circle!!!

Spreading Reiki to the world is a key component of our mission and we are proud that so many of our Reiki Masters have taken up the mantle of teaching and helping to create the next generation of Reiki Practitioners. We wish ALL of our Reiki Master Candidates and their teachers a wonderful journey. 

Congratulations to Reiki Master Ascension Hernandez on the announcement of her new Wednesday night midtown circle. The circle will be held at the office of her student,  Dr. Olivia Lermand who is not only a Gynecolgist, but is also an acupuncturist and a practitioner of holistic medicine. The Circle will be held in Dr. Lermand's office but is open to the community. The Circle starts on Wednesday, May 3rd from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. For more information, click on the link to the NYC Circle Page NYC . As earlier mentioned, Ascension will be starting her new Reiki Master class in June. We wish Ascension and all of her students the best of luck as they share embark on the wonderful journey   

In other news, The Center of Living Light is in the process of partnering with Rivington House, and HIV/AIDS facility in New York City to do  ground breaking research to document the positive effects of Reiki on HIV positive and AIDS patients. The funding proposal is being prepared and the project will be submitted to the Rivington Internal Review Board for approval.

The Reiki Healing chain has been fixed. In addition to the E-Distant Healing box, we have created a list of Reiki Practitioners of all levels who send distant healing to people in urgent situations. Examples would be people undergoing surgery or cancer treatments, or any physical, spiritual, or emotional crises. If you have someone who you feel would benefit from this volunteer community service, please send an e-mail to

If you are a Center of Living Light Reiki 2, AP or Reiki Master and would like to participate by sending distant healing, please send an an e-mail to Reiki Master Beth Savoca-Ditman at

West Coast Here We Come! - We are proud to announce that Reiki Master Marla Mervis is launching her own Living Light Reiki Circle in LA. For more information, click on the link to  California . She is also beginning to teach her first Reiki classes. ( Classes CA ) We wish her the best of luck in this endeavor.

Carmen Lariño and her merry band of practitioner continued to provide Reiki treatments to the patients at Rivington Clinic. This month Mira, Leonor, Alison, Jackie, Nina, Natalia, and Susan channeled to 58 Residents. These treatments are in addition to the bi-weekly circles that are hosted by Carmen. If you are a Living Light Reiki practitioner and would like to learn more about these monthly clinics, please click here Special Events.