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Classes in New Jersey

Classes are limited to 10 students. Additional times and classes at our clients’ homes, offices, and/or schools can be arranged. Classes cost $150 for Reiki I and $300 each for Reiki II and AP plus a $15 resource fee for all levels.  In order to ensure a place in the class of your choice, a deposit is required ($50 for Reiki I, $100 for Reiki II, AP, and RMC).

If you have been attuned by a different school or by a non- Living Light Reiki Master, please speak with one of our Reiki Masters as you may be eligible for a discount.  

Classes are Saturday and Sunday except where noted and run from 9:00 till 5:00. Please be sure to indicate a specific class and date.

Check with the individual Reiki Master for specifics about class starting times, and instructions for the deposit.


All Classes will be held in Piscataway, NJ. Please Contact Reiki Master Alli Hecht for more information on how to register. (see below for info)

Reiki 1

Feb. 25 & 26

Reiki 2

March 25 & 26

Advanced Practitioner

June 24 & 25


Reiki Master Alli Hecht