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Center of Living Light™ Reiki




Classes on Long Island


Classes are limited to 10 students. Additional times and classes at our clients’ homes, offices, and/or schools can be arranged. Classes cost $150 for Reiki I and $300 each for Reiki II and AP plus a $15 resource fee for all levels.  In order to ensure a place in the class of your choice, a deposit is required ($50 for Reiki I, $100 for Reiki II, AP, and RMC).

If you have been attuned by a different school or by a non- Living Light Reiki Master, please speak with one of our Reiki Masters as you may be eligible for a discount.  

Classes are Saturday and Sunday except where noted and run from 9:00 till 5:00. Please be sure to indicate a specific class and date.

Check with the individual Reiki Master for specifics about class starting times, and instructions for the deposit.

Reiki 1

January 23 - 24th

Huntington, NY



Pamela Sacco, Reiki Master



Additional classes in all levels are now forming!

Huntington Area


Pamela Sacco, Reiki Master



Stony Brook Area


Nicole Bernholc, Reiki Master, NYS LMT

W - 631-344-2027

C - 631-484-4458

H - 631-689-7118



Riverhead Area


Peter J. Polakiewicz, Reiki Master